Review of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinlist Pro 2023

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinlist Pro, launched in 2017, operating from San Francisco, focuses its clients on the promotion of new coins with high potential for growth in the future. At least that’s what their main slogan sounds like. The bulk of the features and solutions offered are the latest word in the blockchain industry. Users are actively investing in popular coins anticipating their rapid growth in the near future.

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What is Coinlist Pro

A feature of the Coinlist Pro platform is legislative transparency, both in the US and in other countries. We know how difficult it is to obtain licenses in the US for cryptocurrency trading activities related to accepting payments in fiat currencies and how tightly controlled all crypto transactions are, but Coinlist Pro fully complies with all the requirements of regulators.


For the convenience of customers, the platform is divided into two parts:

  1. Coinlist – with a fully working, but slightly truncated in terms of complex functions for professionals;
  2. Coinlist Pro is focused on complex markets, investments, and professional trading for those who come to the platform with experience.

How Coinlist Works

The high level of security, the legality of activities in the United States and many advanced features that users appreciate and why they choose Coinlist Pro for their main activity in the cryptocurrency environment distinguish Coinlist Pro from competitors, but there are three most important aspects that need to be considered when deciding:

  1. New projects. In order for clients to be able to quickly invest assets in new projects that are just entering the market, Coinlist Pro tries to list them as quickly as possible. For this, this platform is often chosen by those who work in new coins;
  2. Spot charts allow you to conduct a full-fledged professional analysis of the situation, thanks to the mass of tools available to each user.
  3. Ease for beginners. Coinlist Pro professionally hides all the tools that experienced traders need to work and scare newbies away from the platform. Each new participant sees a simple and understandable interface, and only after he needs more complex tools for work, he finds them and starts using them.

There is one significant, according to users, circumstance that negatively affects the position of Coinlist Pro in the industry – the inability to replenish the account through bank cards. At the same time, the possibility of introducing fiat is available through transfers or ACH.

Key Features and Benefits of Coinlist Pro

Coinlist Pro has almost every feature that a trader or investor would need. This is not because they have been in the industry for a long time, but because they are constantly trying to effectively keep up with the latest blockchain technologies. You can take a quick look below to find out what Coinlist Pro offers to its users and what are the main features. Advantages:

  • Access to popular and new cryptocurrencies;
  • Simple, fast buying and selling of cryptocurrency;
  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android;
  • Extended and complete statistics on trading pairs;
  • Fast cryptocurrency conversions;
  • Beginner-friendly user interface and platform;
  • Cryptocurrency lending;
  • Staking for multiple crypto assets;
  • Referral rewards as additional income;
  • Extensive knowledge center;
  • Reliable, safe and compliant.

Cons and disadvantages of Coinlist Pro

You can’t please everyone, that’s a fact. In the crypto world, this manifests itself more than anywhere else, since it is about money. Every cryptocurrency exchange has some drawbacks, Coinlist Pro is no exception. Several shortcomings that are noted by the company’s customers in the list below:

  • USD is the only supported fiat currency;
  • Credit and debit cards are not accepted;
  • No chat supports.

What services does Coinlist Pro offer?

Cryptocurrency exchange today is not just a platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat and vice versa. It is a complete platform for many ways to earn money, and offers additional features. Consider the special functionality for Coinlist Pro. The opportunity to buy new cryptocurrencies that are just entering the market and have not exhausted their trading potential is highly valued by traders and investors. They have a special attitude towards cryptocurrency exchanges that offer such opportunities.

Cryptocurrencies on Coinlist Pro

Coinlist Pro takes care of its customers and offers them not only classic, time-tested coins that are used for investment, but also coins that are just entering the market. At the same time, Coinlist Pro is often the first to offer such assets to its customers, ahead of other platforms. In a business like investing in promising assets, every hour of delay can be costly. A quick purchase of the right asset can sometimes turn into a nightmare if the chosen platform does not have an exchange machine with a fixed rate. The user simply wants to buy a coin with the money in the account or enter it directly for the transaction, but if he is not verified, has low trading volumes, and so on, many exchanges refuse this opportunity. Coinlist Pro also does not allow third parties to make such trades, to be able to use the exchange machine, you need to be an authorized client and replenish your account on the exchange with fiat or crypto. Then everything happens quickly, just a few clicks and the transaction is completed – the desired asset is in your account.

Coinlist Pro mobile app for iOS and Android

Having become an indispensable element of any self-respecting service, the mobile application is an integral part of the offer of the Coinlist Pro crypto exchange. The functionality is practically no different from the desktop version, except complex settings for trading charts, which, theoretically, are not needed on a smartphone even for professional trading.

Coinlist Pro mobile apps for iOS and Android

All other functions, including staking, exchange, investment, are fully available in the Coinlist Pro mobile applications.

Professional trading tools

Some companies that create their own quotes for cryptocurrencies suffer from slow updating of information on the price of assets, which makes it difficult for their clients to work in fast markets. A few years ago, the TradingView service appeared, providing quotes to cryptocurrency exchanges. Coinlist Pro also uses an advanced package to give its customers the best possible experience.

TradingView Service

All offered charts can be customized at the discretion of the trader. In addition to the format of displayed candles or bars, you can also set up a timeframe, overlay indicators and oscillators on a chart, or add additional tools for analysis. Users can easily convert their existing cryptocurrencies to another coin they want. Not only that, but if you convert your BTC to wrapped BTC, i.e., WBTC, you can even take part in the Coinlist Pro DeTi hub. Coinlist Pro claims to be one of the biggest WBTC sellers in the entire internet. They allow their users to instantly mint WBTC along with EFIL, i.e., Wrapped Filecoin. Finally, you can deploy it in any of the best DeTi protocols available. The simplicity and intuitiveness of the interface is critical if the platform is focused on attracting customers, just beginner’s path in crypto trading. Coinlist Pro has created all the pages that a beginner can get to know in the most simple way possible. Only after registration and verification, the user gets the opportunity to customize the functionality for himself, hiding panels that he does not need until the level of understanding of the markets and cryptocurrency trading processes reaches the required level and these panels are needed.

Investing in Coinlist Pro

Lending in cryptocurrency

Coinlist Pro offers lending on behalf of the site, and not on behalf of other users, as is common on other platforms. This is done as part of the promotion of the FileCoin coin, which is the only option for lending. At the same time, Coinlist Pro has trading pairs with this coin for the entire listing of currencies, so the exchange in any direction will not be a problem.

Lending on Coinlist Pro

Loan conditions are divided into several loan plans, different in terms of terms and interest rates. Interest is paid every month, and non-payers are subject to penalties and other troubles.

Reward Rate for Multiple Cryptocurrency Assets

The platform offers several new coins for staking:

  • ALGO;
  • CELO;
  • FLOW;
  • ROSE;
  • CSPR;
  • MINA;
  • VEGA.

Each asset is offered with different conditions, both in terms of interest rate and duration of storage. Some offers may exceed 15% each year. In addition, interest is paid in the staking coin, which increases the deposit and interest on it. An increase in the price of an asset will also bring profit to the holder.

Cryptocurrency Assets Coinlist Pro

There are also referral rewards for additional earnings. Inviting new clients from your social circle for a fee has been working for a very long time and is still successful. Coinlist Pro offer their affiliate program in the form of a one-time reward of $10 for each attracted client. But there is a condition – this client must verify the account and make a deal to buy / sell assets for at least $100 at a time. Until this happens, the inviter will not receive a payment.

Affiliate Platform Coinlist Pro

Blockchain ecosystem

The blockchain ecosystem is developing quickly, and with it the industry of trading and circulation of digital currencies and tokens. It is very difficult to keep track of all the news to stay up to date. Coinlist Pro created a huge knowledge base, consisting of the main part, so to speak, the basic one, about the blockchain, its development and prospects, features of crypto exchanges, and so on, and the current one, including new trading rules, coins, tools for analysis and decision-making, and so on.

CoinList Blog

All clients of the platform have access to the database without restrictions. It is critical and convenient that all the knowledge gained here can be applied in practice. Security comes first for Coinlist Pro managers. In addition, the legality of work in the US should be noted, which is a very rare occurrence due to the great difficulties in licensing financial activities, especially those related to cryptocurrencies in the US.

Coinlist Security

Moreover, in all countries where the company provides services, it does it completely legally.

Negative sides of the Coinlist Pro exchange

No crypto exchange is perfect, attention paid to one or more areas of development is diverted from other areas that are considered by the owners to be not such a priority. Coinlist Pro is no exception, here are some things that need to be worked on.

US dollar is the only supported fiat currency

The situation is ambiguous and not very suitable for non-US residents if they decide to make Coinlist Pro the main operating platform. Of the fiat currencies, only USD is supported, and no debit or credit cards are accepted. There is also no P2P market for the possibility of buying and selling crypto. That is, to replenish the account, you need to make an exchange on another platform and then deposit the crypt on Coinlist Pro for work.

Credit and debit cards are not accepted

The reasons for this ban are unknown, but most likely are licensing restrictions across the US or several states. Fiat USD deposits are only available by bank transfer or ACH. In an age of instant communication through a plethora of secure messengers and online services, the lack of 24/7 live chat support is a thing of the past. Every hour of delay in a volatile market can be very costly for traders who have to wait for archaic email responses.

Coinlist Pro Fees

Coinlist Pro Deposit Fees

Coinlist Pro does not charge any fees for deposits by any method. Transaction fees are well above industry averages and start at 0.25% and 0.45% for maker and taker, respectively. The commission can actually be reduced by increasing the trading turnover over the last 30 days.

Coinlist Pro Fee

Fee for withdrawing fiat from Coinlist Pro

ACH is withdrawn without commission, but with a limit on the amount of transfers depending on the level of your account. Starter account is limited to $500, maximum is $2500. Wire transfer for US residents is subject to a $10 fee. For non-residents at $30.

Coinlist Pro Withdrawal Fee

The commission rate is floating and depends on the selected asset. Also on Coinlist Pro there is a concept of the minimum amount of crypto withdrawal.

Pros and Cons of Coinlist Pro


  • Easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies;
  • Cryptocurrency lending and borrowing is available;
  • Both new and popular cryptocurrencies are available;
  • Mobile application for iOS and Android;
  • An excellent knowledge center that is a great source of information for new users.


  • No chat support;
  • Debit/credit cards are not accepted;
  • Only 1 fiat currency is available.


Coinlist Pro is an exceptional cryptocurrency trading platform for both beginners and experienced traders. It is simple and easy to use, but it also has many advanced features that savvy investors love. Cryptocurrency borrowing and lending is available, you can access many new cryptocurrencies as well as popular ones, and you can do it from your mobile or desktop computer. The exchange is very safe and complies with all the rules in which it operates. Coinlist Pro only offers about 46 different cryptocurrencies, but they include many new coins that you won’t find anywhere else.

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